How do you welcome your clients?

First impressions are formed in three to five seconds and as the saying goes “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

That short snapshot of time is extremely valuable for all brands as we tend to use sensory factors such as appearance and atmosphere to form our ‘gut’ reaction.

With this in mind - have you considered your clients or guests first impressions of your brand?

A great reception/welcome area is imperative for guests to warm themselves to your company and leave with positive emotions towards it. Branded merchandise such as pens, mugs and bottled water are popular ideas for raising brand awareness but what about something a little different?

A branded floor mat may sound slightly mediocre but it is an understated and simple way of welcoming clients and familiarising them to your brand in an affordable and functional manner.  In essence, it could be the first subtle brand interaction your guests will undergo and stop them in their tracks quite literally - during a good shoe rub! 

Your guests will admire your attention to detail and create a unique impression before formal welcomes and handshakes have taken place.

A branded floor mat could be used as a communicative addition in setting your brand culture for both staff and visitors. For staff in particular a floor mat could be the finishing touch to setting a brand presentation standard. Similarly, it will keep the area safe from embarrassing slip ups on rainy days, clean from mud, dirt and foot prints on that freshly polished floor and tidy by protecting ‘well-walked-on’ areas from damage and wear.

At 4Merchandise, our specialist merchandise division part of the 4Couture family, we offer a branded floor mat service printed in full colour using dye sublimation. This dye technique allows for any design to be created and can include your logo, business slogan or imagery in a variety of shapes and sizes.

A bespoke mat could just be the thing to encourage and entice people to your stand at your next road show, exhibition or event (along with all the giveaways of course!). It provides great brand interaction and may also find itself featured on your consumer’s social media – because everyone loves a ‘Selfie’ or two.

Here are some example Promotional Floor Mats that we love!