Creating Magical Brand Moments

Everybody knows about Save The Children’s National Christmas Jumper Day.  If you’ve been acting too grown up or hiding in a cave somewhere, it's Dec 16. Don’t Forget! 

4Couture’s dream team are encouraging you to learn more about how to combine looking fabulous for the festive season with how your company can really make a difference to the survival & welfare of so many under privileged children. For more info:

4Couture Christmas.png

Imagine the difference we can make and help them have a brighter future. Do something worthy, create some festive cheer and… get your brand exposure out there with the rest of us wanting to be on Santa’s good list. It’s clearly a win win win!!!

It’ll of course be televised again on ITV with global sponsors & even more celebs – Here are just few cute tweeted piccies from previous years: 






Don’t leave it too late to get involved.  The big players have been planning Christmas since July.  It’s less than 8 weeks now.  

We can source a wide range of Xmas jumpers from off the peg designs embroidered with your logo, get access to limited edition creations or even design completely bespoke original pieces for upcoming seasonal events.

We know exactly how to do this and do it well whilst being authentic to your brand. Here's a sneak peak at some of this year's Festive designs

Giving to a wonderful charity as well as your staff.  Say thank you to your staff that work hard for you all year long, why not spread that sparkle and take it another step further and treat your fave clients? Keep your brand alive and involved in the shape of a v cool, well sought after prezzie - It’s what we do, happy to help, hey, that’s what we’re here for.

Let’s not forget the power of social media and tweet those pix!  Be bold. (once you’ve got your jumper, the posting on social media bit is free!)


Why not take this festive feeling even further with our yummy confectionery delights?  Are you curious which Xmas sweeties might be right for your company?  We adore marrying up which products best represent your tag & straplines.  How about your very own branded advent calendar? When else can you guarantee to be in the face of your clients or prospective customers for a whole 25 days. Click here for all your Christmas needs! 

 Stay off Santa’s naughty list and keep your jumper looking and feeling unique by branding with 4Couture.


 If you brand your jumper with 4Couture, we’ll tell Santa to keep you off his naughty list! 

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