Promotional Bobble Bottles

We’re told to drink more water but sometimes it’s not as easy or convenient as it sounds. The price of bottled water week after week can really add up, tap water can have an unappealing taste and reusing single use bottles is a health hazard.

The world consumes around 200 million single serve water bottles per year and you can only imagine what impact of 200 million empty bottles has on the environment! A Brita filter jug is the next alternative, but that only ticks the box for drinking plenty of water at home so I’ve found a simple solution to all my hydration problems in a Bobble Bottle and now I never leave the house without one.

My single BPA-free bottle can be refilled over and over again straight from the tap, and the replaceable filter heads last up to 300 uses. The activated carbon filter attracts chemicals and impurities from regular tap water creating great tasting filtered water. The handy carry cover and its 550ml size means I can carry my bottle to work, meetings, the gym and put it in my handbag for anywhere else I’m off to. These brightly coloured bottles are the best way to keep your team and customers hydrated. They have a rubber sleeve allowing for better grip and is perfect for company branding in 6 different eye catching colours; Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Turquoise and Lime Green. With a rainbow range of colour options, there's bound to be a Bobble Bottle to match your brand colours. Customised, branded Bobbles start at 100 bottles upwards - what are you waiting for?!