BPMA - What does it mean for you?

Companies affiliate themselves with various organisations in order to promote the quality, reliability and professional services provided. 

4Couture are proud members of the BPMA, as like us, they uphold the same values as we pride ourselves upon. But what does this accreditation mean for you, as a client of 4Couture?

Who are the BPMA?

‘We are the leading trade association with over 50 years’ experience and knowledge of the promotional merchandise industry. Our actions advocate best practice and inspire confidence amongst our members and buyers – built on trust since 1965.’ – Gordon Glenister, Director General of the BPMA.

Representing more than 150 members UK wide, the BPMA consists of 14 carefully selected board members who represent service partners, suppliers and distributors. Their goal; to set the direction and strategy of the BPMA. This ensures that the organisation offers information to its members that are beneficial, accurate and easy to access. These board members work on a voluntary basis, driven purely by their passion for the industry and to ensure the BPMA remains one of the true industry’s leaders.

What are the benefits?

We want as an industry to reassure buyers into buying from sustainable, professional organisations.

All members of the BPMA sign up to a code of conduct and are financially checked and referenced. The code of conduct provides guidelines of what is expected in order to affiliate with the BPMA. This ensures that businesses abide to these codes in order to deliver outstanding and reliable service to all their customers.

What does this mean for you?

This gives you total reassurance that you are working with quality professionals, avoiding any unnecessary risks, ensuring credibility and commitment to deliver to the BPMA high standard of customer service. Lisa Morelli, Director of 4Couture explains:

Aligning ourselves with the BPMA has been a seamless and natural fit, as both 4Couture and the BPMA’s passion and vision for the delivery of first class promotional merchandise is at the heart of our organisations. As a team, 4Couture will aspire not only to deliver every aspect of the BPMA charter but to continue developing our team to ensure we are experts in the field and we will always go the extra mile.
— Lisa Morelli, 4Couture

One of many the ways in which we ensure our staff are fully up to date with current knowledge & legislations within the promotional products field is via the BPMA educational days, events and training courses.  This supports us in our aim to provide relevant, creative advice for your promotional merchandise projects whilst keeping up with trends and product developments to offer the most innovative promotional merchandise out there!

Never has this been more  important with the recent expansion and launch of our dedicated promotional merchandise team, headed up by Jess Hadley and as part of the 4Couture family, it’s been christened 4Merchandise 

Delivering innovative and inspiring campaigns, we don’t sell ‘off catalogue’ but prefer to work with each client on a per project basis to develop impactful merchandise that gets remembered for all the right reasons.
and being part of the BPMA gives our clients assurance that they are purchasing from a reliable source, whilst giving us as a company a shoulder to lean on should we need any assistance in the industry. It’s an exciting time for us with the launch of our new brand and whilst we’re still very much part of the 4Couture family, my team can focus on being the very best resource for creative promotional merchandise.
— Jess Hadley, Head of 4Merchandise
Jess Hadley @ The BPMA Show 2016 

Jess Hadley @ The BPMA Show 2016 

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