Game Changing Corporate Sneakers

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Being the 4Couture team member that’s rarely seen in anything but my fave Yeezys, I felt it was down to me to take a look at the brand new corporate footwear which is going to take a big step forward in 2018!


In recent years, the demand for ‘relaxed’, ‘casual’ and more approachable uniform especially amongst our hospitality clients has hit an all time high and whilst denim has become super popular in the corporate fashion world (another blog for another day) up until now there hasn’t been enough on offer in terms of suitable footwear, in my opinion...

2018 is making a change to this with the launch of SG’s customisable ‘Converse’ style sneakers. 100% Cotton canvas trainers with white rubber soles, decorated with a single black stripe and white laces. Not only are these available in both Hi & Low top styles in black and white just as they are, they can be fully customised with your company brand in 3 different methods – Full Digital Print, Heat Transfer or Embroidery. They’re also available in a wide sizing range from UK2.5 – UK12.5 and in kids sizing too!  (perfect for promotional give aways)

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The Branding Methods Available;

Full Digital Print;

Allows you to screen print an all over (photo style) image, pattern or logo on both sides of the shoe and also the tongue! This effect will give maximum exposure to your brand and you can get super artistic if you wish (see some of the examples below for inspo)

Heat Transfer;

Heat transfer is a great option for a quick and simple application method, to one spot onto the shoe & two shoes can be decorated at once. This is similar to the print method but think of it like a ‘sticker’ being applied using heat onto the trainer. You may have heard of this being called Vinyl print for garments such as football kits etc.


Embroidery is the most long lasting method and stand out in terms of quality in our opinion, and also it’s not that often you come across embroidered footwear (unless it's Gucci!) – it also means you can match the logo to the one that you may be having on your garments, for a really cohesive look.

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These new offerings are going to take footwear that is usually considered as strictly sporty/weekend wear and making it a fashion forward work wear choice whilst also making your team feel as though you’ve invested ‘literally’ head to toe in dressing them. Another plus side is the fact that the sneakers will be stock supported meaning the lead times are quick and the minimums are low and you don’t have to worry about the style being discontinued for future team members or when top ups are needed!

The request for sporty footwear isn’t new to 4Couture, in past years we’ve worked on bespoke projects where we’ve customised ‘off the peg’ sneakers such as Nike hi tops with literally thousands of Swarovski crystals for a bling finish! Whilst this method allows for sparkly customisation onto almost anything, it’s more of a bespoke process, which tends to be requested for one off pieces (we've also crystallised microphones, mobiles and magnums of Moet...all by hand!) 

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Many of our field team clients and hospitality clients (think hotels/bars, field marketing teams) who are typically on their feet more than most, have been choosing 4Couture to supply high street trainer brands such as Nike, Converse & Superga, as these are always a ‘go to’ choice for comfort and durability. But hopefully with the launch of this latest corporate design, clients can keep budget down whilst taking full advantage of having their brand walking around at every step!

So, not only are these a realistic option for branded footwear, they would also make a great promo item for teams to wear at exhibitions as well being a novel Thank You gift or incentive when you’re looking for something different in terms of a promotional merchandise giveaway.



For companies that currently don’t invest in their employee’s trousers & footwear, 2018 will mean that you can allow team members to continue wearing their own trouser choices but bring cohesion to the look with everyone in same footwear which can only be a bonus for the wearer to be in something that feels so comfortable to wear and not having to spend their own money.



If you’d like to see some more examples of customisation onto these new styles, or want to hear me talk at length about my Yeezy collection then drop us a line now :) 

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