Meet 'Alayna our Apprentice'

During our 15 years in business, we’ve been really fortunate in that we’ve managed to attract, hire and retain a fantastic team of staff and quite honestly, it’s the 4Couture team that make the difference to everything we do.

We’ve got team members with backgrounds in wedding dress & costume design, alterations and illustration, seamstresses, pattern cutters and client service enthusiasts, all of which add up to a first class bunch of creative’s that enable us to deliver a first class service. (whether it’s for work wear, wardrobe or merchandise!)

In summers gone by we’ve offered paid internships to Fashion students from the local Bournemouth University and have enjoyed working alongside some great, fresh young talent but this year we realised that we’ve been overlooking the apprentices.

4Couture Apprentice Alayna.JPG

So with the help and support of Jacky & Clare from the BASE team at the Bournemouth & Poole College, we’ve secured another apprentice, Alayna, and although she’s only 4 weeks into her new position with 4Couture, she’s already making a positive impact.

Alayna will be at college for 1 day per week, completing her NVQ 2 in Business but for the other 4 days a week, Alayna will be busy busy busy in the 4Couture studio.

Whilst Alayna is going to be based in amongst the Customer Service gals, to give her a taste of all things 4Couture, Alayna has been gaining experience working on client projects, sourcing PPE & work wear as well as overseeing embroidery onto 1500 promotional aprons for a client’s special celebration.


Alayna has also been involved in brainstorming ideas for promotional merchandise for a client’s Christmas campaign. (in August!)

And in between all this Alayna has already shown a flair for photography so has been busy snapping away in our studio, capturing images of merchandise and hospitality uniforms, ready for upload onto our client portals.

Although many aspects of the role have been completely new to Alayna, she’s picked them up with ease, so don’t be surprised if when you call in, Alayna is first to grab the phone and offer to help.

In Alayna’s own words she’s ‘all over social media’ so watch this space for our next blog which will be written by Alayna herself!

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