Slim Fit Corporate Shirts

Everything you need to know! 

A wardrobe staple and worn everyday by many, yet when it comes to choosing a smart shirt in the ‘corporate’ world it can be a minefield, especially for those with a slimmer build...

The Fit

The first thing to consider when deciding upon your new shirt is how it should fit. The Idleman team have created this handy diagram as a simple explanation to ensure you don’t go wrong. You can also visit their blog and find out about different fits of shirt & handy tips here.

Idleman Diagram.png

However, we know that if you’re organising uniform for your team, you may not have the benefit of knowing preferred individual shapes & sizes and in years gone by, corporate fashion styles would restrict you to ‘one style fits all’ – on many occasions we’d hear people worry about excess fabric, baggy sleeves, feeling drowned -  but not anymore! 

ASOS Shirt                                         Brook Taverner Shirt                                       

ASOS Shirt                                         Brook Taverner Shirt                                       

Over the years, 4Couture has worked with many hospitality & event teams which often include of a number of younger staff, more often we’re seeing them range from a size UK4 Women’s and XXS Men's.

Previously, we’ve directly sourced garments from High Street stores such as ASOS and Topshop/Topman who lend themselves toward the contemporary, skinnier fits.

Corporate V High St

The good news is that corporate styles are catching up and in particular,  tailoring brand Brook Taverner, who has released their skinniest shirt style for men to date, which has already proven to be a firm favourite in comparison to a similar ASOS cut. We’ve dressed many of our more slight guys in this style and they’ve been nothing but impressed!

B&C are a more fashion forward business brand in terms of their cut and even have a ‘sharp’ range ensuring a contemporary look amongst wearers and also consistency between genders too, with plenty on offer for the girls. 

Equally, whilst you may be ordering garments for those of a slim build, you still want to make sure you cater for the mass and take into consideration those who prefer a tailored or more generous, classic cut - they need to feel just as comfortable.

Different Fit - Same Look

Long standing workwear brand Henbury has just released their 3 fit Oxford Shirt, which is available in Classic, Regular AND Slim Fit. There are huge benefits to this as your clients will look at your team and see the consistency in wardrobe without knowing that the style of shirt may differ amongst individuals. 


Something a little different?

What about when you’d like something a ‘little bit different’ than the traditional white, black or blue corporate shirt? With checks, stripes and patterns hitting the top spot for popularity in recent years, we’re pleased to see that some of the corporate clothing manufacturers have taken this on board with their latest ranges.

It’s become more like shopping in your favourite store with skinny checked shirts, slim stripe patterns – meaning these aren’t ‘boring corporate’ shirts just for promotional use but an item that you go to first in your wardrobe for quality and style. 

Long gone are the days of excess fabric hanging over the waistband, pooling at the top of your trousers or baggy sleeves that feel like you’re wearing your Dad's shirt – we know that with the right shirt, we can make sure you’re getting a consistent, clean finish to your team’s corporate wardrobe.